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HorizontalListView Example Android

HorizontalListView Example Android.

Wellcome to androidlift ..!

Here today i am going to show you how to create HorizontalListView in Android.

The big challenge on Android every time arises is the need to create a horizontal ListView that works like a regular ListView and scrolls horizontally as well. This is common way for applications like news, images, videos etc.

Just follow the coding procedure..



Create project under Android Studio as you want i created as HorizontalListViewDemo

Output :

HorizontalListView Example Android.
HorizontalListView Example Android.


Download From Githubdownload code from github


  • This is the our launcher activity screen.you just create a xml file and paste the coding.


  • This is our adapter inflate file.


In your MainActivity.java file put following code.


  • This is the RecyclerView.Adapter to inflate in HorizontalListView.


  • Copy this code under your build.gradle.xml



Now we done here. Just run this project on any device and have fun..!