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Draw Text | How to Draw Text and Shapes on Image Android

Draw Text

Draw text if you are interested in android programming and have a creative mind you can create a simple image editor for android for your own personal use:-

  • This program is concentrated on drawing text on a resource image and saving it on sd-card.
  • We can undo all editing at any time if we do not want so.
  • Drawing text can be change any time.
  • You can ‘Try’ it your self and change its functionality according to your requirements.
  • Easy to implement and supports all devices.
  • Output :

draw text on image android
draw text on image android




You have to put a image in mipmap folder on which you have to edit. i have used “sample.jpg” file.
You can take any image.

The activity_main.xml is as follows :-



You Have to add “WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”user permission to AndroidMainfaist to save image to sd-card.
images would be saved in folder  – ‘/sd-card/txt_images/

Thanks Have Good Day ..!